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Kids Bookshelves: Get Kids Reading and Off Screens

What kids furniture gets kids reading? Kids Bookshelves help get them reading and off screens.

I know I’m not alone; parenting is hard. Am I right? I am the first to admit screens have played the role of babysitter any time I have wanted to have a conversation, get some work done, or have an uninterrupted trip to the bathroom. When my boys were younger, they would watch TV all day while I worked. They were happy, and I was delighted. If we were out and about, my phone occupied the kids.

Many of us solve complaints or behaviour with a screen. It’s our first response anytime we need a quick fix to entertain kids. But, unfortunately, it’s pretty common now to see toddlers with a phone or tablet – and they are getting addicted.

Toddlers and Screen Addiction

In truth, screens are addictive, and toddlers are not immune. A bit of online (on-screen) research reveals article after article addressing the phenomenon, with even two-year-olds hooked on screen time.

Have you noticed the tantrums start when we withhold a phone from our young children? Concentration on regular activities such as drawing pictures, building blocks, or reading decreases as screen addiction increases. Research even indicates higher amounts of screen time led to increased incidence of anxiety, depression, attention deficit hyperactive disorder and behavioural problems.

Kid Mart Kids Bookshelves and Kids Furniture

I’m not going to get started on what happens when you keep a 12-year-old away from their phone! Actually, I am because I am living that now. Screen rage was particularly noticeable this evening. We banned our three boys from screens because of their behaviour. Firstly, we had complaints, anger and fighting, but gradually something new and exciting developed. One child reached for the Atlas in desperation for entertainment, one reached for a book, and another started composing music on the keyboard piano. 

Go to the Bookshelf and Grab a Book to Read

Luckily, we have a collection of books, which we started well before having kids, so it makes it easy to tell the kids to go to the bookshelf, grab a book and read it. When our 12-year-old was a baby, I would read to him while he was in his cot, as he was falling asleep, hoping that he would develop a love for reading. Life got busy, so sadly, our second and third babies did not get the same attention.

Easy access to books can encourage kids to read. That is one reason we have such a range of styles in kids bookshelves at Kid Mart. The Nursery or kids bedroom should have a bookshelf to offer easy access to reading material. Some books become exceptional memories. I have a nursery rhyme book that is over forty years old. I would spend hours looking at the pictures. It was a treasure, and my dad had even written my name in it. Now when I see his handwriting, it brings back happy memories.

Refer to Kids Bookshelves to Entertain Your Children

Display books and games on a bookshelf or book box and allow kids to choose how they can entertain themselves. You can choose from traditionally styled shelving – shelves that will hold a kids library, a magazine rack that displays the front cover for younger kids, or a set to complement the modern styling of your playroom or kids library.

What shelving do you find your kids like best?

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