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Kid Ride On Cars

Kids Ride On Cars: True Rationale Of The Joy

Shopping for toys online can be daunting, which is why we have prepared this post about kids ride on cars: the truth behind the fun so you are best informed when you buy kids ride on cars online. Enjoy watching your children’s thrilling freedom on wheels.

You may have seen cute social media posts featuring a toddler driving an electric ride on car along the street or in their backyard and owning it like a boss.  Readily available at Kid Mart, kids ride on cars can be ordered and delivered to your home or office quickly and easily. 

These battery operated toys can be recharged at a power point and provide hours of indoor or outdoor fun.  They’re quite a good size, large enough for your toddler to be seated inside, so work best outdoors where there is plenty of space to drive around.

Kid Mart kids ride on cars come in a range of colours and designs, for the kid who loves police or firemen, we have a police car or a fire engine ride on toy and they come in electric ride on motorbikes too.

Where there is opportunity and spaces, the kids ride on cars are great fun indoors, driving along the passageway or round the block through several rooms of your house. The battery cars are a decent size. Kids love riding their toy car in the backyard, in a park, a basketball court or along the footpath where there is space to make the most of their freedom. 

Think how excited your three year old would be, having their own car to drive around just like mummy or daddy, the wind blowing in their hair.  This is the perfect chance for them to pretend play and use their imagination, that they have grown up and are driving to go shopping or visit some friends for a fun day.

We mentioned it earlier, but it is worth remembering the great range of different types of kids ride on toys that are available to choose from at Kid Mart.  Kid Mart kids come from all backgrounds and tastes, so we want them to have the best choice at excellent prices.  Making the kids ride ons even more affordable is the ability to buy now, pay later with Afterpay. Going forward, Kid Mart will continue to increase the number of buy now, pay later Australia options to ensure Kid Mart kids get easy access to our affordable toys, kids furniture and décor.

Afterpay Kids Ride On Cars

To Afterpay kids ride on cars is a simple process, just order your Kid Mart kids ride on toy and select Afterpay to pay.  Follow through the simple prompts and Kid Mart will start packaging and dispatching your electric car so that the enjoyment can begin as soon as it arrives on your doorstep.  When you buy your kids ride on cars on Afterpay, it is just a matter of paying for the kids toy off in four equal fortnightly instalments, no need to worry about hefty interest payments, as its all interest-free.

Secure Payment on Kids Toys

Afterpay platform is a wonderful option when shopping for kids toys online, because you don’t need to make the full payment. Kid Mart also caters to clients who are happy to pay in full, using secure payment on kids toys using PayPal, credit card within the PayPal platform and bank transfer.

All you need to know when buying a kids ride on car or kids ride on motorbike

  • Consider the dimensions of the kids ride on toy and compare with the size of your child.  Read the recommended age in the description of the toy.  Ideally, most kids battery powered cars cater for the ages of two and four, though older kids may still fit, it is less comfortable and the engine of the car may struggle to move heavier weights.  If your child is tall, space for legs may be limited.
  • Currently Kid Mart does not sell two seater vehicles, though we are certainly looking into this option as often siblings like to ride together.  Some of our 24v ride on toys have more power. They appear to be two seaters, but are built for one child unless otherwise mentioned.  Some parents managed to fit two little ones inside a single seater battery powered car. This is against the suggested capacity and we do not recommend this as it may put too much pressure on the engine.

Safe Kids Ride on Cars

  • Your item description will detail the weight and speed of the ride on car. This is determined by a combination of the battery voltage and wattage of the motor.  Safety comes first with all Kid Mart toys and for this reason, our ride on toys will be designed to go no faster than a good walking pace of 3-8km per hour. Speed depends also on the weight of the child.  Please read the product description and compare with other models at Kid Mart when deciding on which kids battery powered car to purchase.
  • As we mentioned safety is a priority at Kid Mart and for peace of mind of both parents and little drivers, each kids ride on car has an adult operated remote control override. The remote control ensures little drivers are protected and kept safe while driving around.
  • When you shop for cheap kids toys at Kid Mart, you can be assured that other safety features are kept front of mind to protect your little driver.  Seatbelts and wheel suspension are included to make sure the ride is safe and gentle.

Features of kids ride on toys

  • Kid Mart kids ride on cars have additional features including flashing lights, sounds and hook up via Bluetooth and play music.  Similar to your own car, Kid Mart kids ride ons are built to replicate the features you use daily in the pre-school size battery operated cars and bikes.
  • Browse the comprehensive range of ride on toys at for Kid Mart kids.  They can strut their stuff in a luxury brand car such as Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Bugatti, Audi, BMW, Bentley, Volkswagen, Range Rovers, Jeeps, Fords and other models.

Chosen the best ride on car for your child? Now join the fun as you see your little driver benefiting from hours of outdoor play in their mobile toy.  Kid Mart offers plenty of other pretend play and outdoor play equipment, to ensure your kids have fun as they learn and grow.

We’d love it if you would share your kids fun with us, send us a review or tag us on our social media accounts to show how much fun a Kid Mart kid can have.

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